Sunday, August 15, 2010

CCD Reflection 2: Red Grade finally finished

Four weeks have passed since my last CCD Reflection. So today is day number 49 of wearing the CCD Red Grade wrist band which is quite a lot of time staying with one single CCD grade.

What have I done in the last four weeks?
  • Weekly Coding Dojos with my team
  • Thought about features and user stories of an online CCD Reflection tool to make daily reflections easier
  • Took Industrial Logic's eLearning course on "Composing User Stories"
  • Worked on the formal proof that agile practices match very well the software life cycle requirements of specific laws and regulations. But well, this is way too off-topic here.
How do I rate my performance on the principles and practices of the CCD Red Grade?
  • DRY - highest rating
  • KISS - high, still room to improve
  • Beware of Optimization - high, no longer skipping TDD baby steps but from my gut feeling still room to improve
  • FCoI - high, I initiated a design session with the team to talk about FCoI. One guy came up with FNoCaI: Favor Nothing over Composition and Inheritance - which sometimes could be the best choice.
  • Boy Scout Rule - lowest rating due to 100% work on new, fresh Kata code
  • Root Cause Analysis - high, this just belongs to my daily job as team coach and Scrum Master, at least in the last four weeks
  • Version Control - high, nearly 100% done
  • Simple Refactoring - highest rating, completely done as integral part of doing TDD
  • Daily Reflection - medium as I have thought about developing an online CCD Reflection tool
I gave every of these principles and practices a value from 1 point (not done at all) to 5 points (perfectly done), see image.

Red Grade finished for now!

Although I wrote in my last post ...
It would be meaningless to go on as long as I fail to apply the boy-scout-rule, root-cause-analysis, and daily reflexions on a regular basis.
... I'm going to switch to the next Orange Grade by tomorrow morning simply because it's the right time to do so from my point of view. I'm just too excited to experience the next grade. Expect feedback in at least 21 days here again.

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