Sunday, May 2, 2010

ACCDE10 Survey: The One Book

During the last few hours of the Agile Coach Camp 2010 in Germany I started to do a spontaneous survey with one simple question: "Which ONE book should I read?"

People's reactions were quite different. Some mentioned a book within a few seconds, others needed time to think of the most recommendable book. The question even triggered something in a handful of people so they started to brain dump a list of books. Several people hesitated and wanted to know about the context--should it be a technical book or a novel or related to a special topic? I just didn't care. The goal was just to name the one book everybody should read.

Have fun browsing the list of recommended books. Try following experiment if you want: take a look at the list but completely ignore the people who recommended the books. Choose the book which sounds most interesting to you. Now take another look at the list and take the recommending people into account. Which book would you choose now? Why? Think about your decision process and how it is related to coaching, leadership, and rock stars. Self-reflect on this and add your thoughts to the comment of this post if you want.

So here are the survey's results in order of their appearance.

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