Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book: Lyssa Adkins - Coaching Agile Teams

The definitive must-read for every Scrum Master, agile manager, and agile coach!

Author: Lyssa Adkins

Rating: highest recommendation!

This is one of the most valuable books I've ever read in my agile life. More than 300 pages full of practical advice with many examples make this book a perfect reference on the desk of every Scrum Master, agile manager, and agile coach.

Lyssa has a very nice and easy to read style of writing and yet offers so many insights. Following topics are covered in her book:
  • You and your mastery as a coach
  • Coach as Coach-Mentor
  • Coach as Facilitator
  • Coach as Teacher
  • Coach as Problem Solver
  • Coach as Conflict Navigator
  • Coach as Collaboration Conductor
  • Agile Coach Failure, Recovery, and Success Modes
  • Your Journey as Agile Coach
There's nothing more to say about this book other than: buy it, study it, and live it!

It may sound pathetic but this book deeply changed the way I think about and practice agile methods. It probably even changed my life.

Thanks, Lyssa, for writing this book!


  1. Oh, my! Thanks for letting me (and the world) know how the Coaching Agile Teams impacted you. This was exactly what I was hoping for as I was writing it.

    Now, go use it! And help other coaches use the stuff in it too, by blogging about what you use and how it goes. Also, please let me cross post your posts on the CoachingAgileTeams website. Your trailblazing will help so many others.

    Journey ON!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Agile Coaching