Thursday, March 10, 2011

Principles behind the Agile Manifesto

All people working in an agile environment should reflect on the principles behind the agile manifesto from time to time. What do these principles really mean? What impact do they have for my daily business? Do my habit follow these principles?

There's a nice exercise for agile teams to summarize each of the principles down to 3 or 4 words. An agile team needs to have a shared understanding of the principles and what they imply for the team's behavior.

I'm going to start a blog series on all twelve of the agile principles. Following goals I'd like to achieve:
  • Extracting the essence of the principle
  • Determining values, practices, and other principles as sources of the principle
For cross-referencing I'll focus on the values, principles, and practices of Scrum, XP, and Lean just to cover the current mainstream methods.

If you find more or better of values, principles, and practices please drop me a line or a comment so we can add your input accordingly.

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